Saturday, January 10, 2004

Gluttony at San Felipe Beach

As promised (or threatened?), pictures of the jumbo shrimp/prawns.  They were enormous.  Jamie and I had 4 each for dinner.  I went for a late (tide out) walk and saw a magnificient sunset (blazing reds and oranges reflected in the outgoing tide pools) but everone on this side of the cove missed it.  Tomorrow, if it is cloudy (better to highlight the colours with), we’ll head to town and capture the sunset.

Sissy had a stomach virus (Tata had it too, so we’re pretty sure it’s not bacterial) so we’re spending the day zoned out watching "Spirit" (horse movie) and "Chitti Chitti Bang Bang".  Unfortunately, once the screen illuminates, all four are drawn to it and hunker down.  It is a simply gorgeous day but we’re all inside zoning.  Seems like such a waste…  Tata and Papa, being right on the beach, came to notify us that a fisherman was cleaning fish.  I brought all four kids out to see the spectacle.  Dad threw one of the fish to the birds and pelicans and this is a picture of the carnage.  (that’s Pike in the foreground)

Not posting much today cause my sister is HOUNDING me (via my MOTHER) to post, so I will sacrifice quality for quantity (pppphhhhhbbbbbttttttt).

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