Tuesday, February 14, 2012

hot water

We have 2 tanks to heat water. We have hot water in the recamera (back) shower, the kitchen sink, the front bathroom sink and front bathroom. Both bathrooms run off their own 7L tank. When the tank runs out, it is cold shower time until the tank has been refilled (couple day process). We keep thinking about a large-capacity nonportable tank but have never really gotten around to it. Maybe someday.

When I was working with Sissy on her schoolwork yesterday it really hit me that I am really going to miss that next year and maybe I shouldn't be encouraging school. I know she really misses having a friend and interaction with other kids but man, I'm going to miss doing grammar and literature, etc. with her, and I know her English education at school will definitely be lacking.

I really need to get Pike back on track for the PSAT. He visited Ellen's school the other day and said it was a school he would have loved to have gone to. Sissy hated it and Jesse calls it the "hippy school." Guess Pike and Ellen are a lot more alike than just looks. The two look like twins in their baby pictures.

We're all battling some form of gripe and I didn't even run, bike or swim yesterday. I hardly worked. I did, however, totally clean up the front upstairs and now we just need to go through books and toys of the girls. I'd like to make that a screen room of some type up there.

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