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January 2008

A and D

I wrote the beginning of this post in my head this morning which means it is now completely and utterly lost now that I have a moment to update the blog. Sigh. One of these days I’ll remember to write the damn thing down.

Pike is still down. When the doctor came by he mentioned that he was cutting molars and I thought the guy was a little wacky as Pike has not made one mention of tooth pain and he is NOT a child to refrain from mentioning the slightest irritation he might have or had at one point in time. He also said Pike had gingivitis and gave him some wash with which to gargle. Pike’s been on three days of hard hitting antibiotics and he is still in bed and still not eating. And his gingivitis looks awful still. Jamie poked around his mouth this afternoon and found that ALL his molars seem to be erupting. That explains his reluctance to eat but I still can’t figure out why he hasn’t complained a whit about the pain. The boy confuses me. Which, I suspect, is the goal.

I had an absolutely LOVELY practice this morning and figured out that it is incredibly less difficult to practice Yoga BEFORE taking an exercise walk. Go figure! I’ve been keeping a separate Yoga blog for the month of January as I’m trying to practice some amount of Yoga on a daily basis. I figure if I do nothing more than Sun Salutations on a daily basis, that is a HUGE increase in the amount of Yoga I normally do. I have always thought I need to put aside time for a full practice and I’m finding that I get a LOT out of simple daily Sun Salutations. And so far, I have yet to not break out a sweat by Surya Namaskara B.

 I have been meaning to take the kids to the local animal shelter as they have a weekly “wash the doggies” day in the hopes of perhaps eventually adopting a dog. Jamie will be the hurdle there. Pike was sick and Jesse not interested (he prefers cats) so the girls and I headed out today. I figured it would, if nothing else, be a wonderful photographic opportunity and I was not disappointed. The girls did not want to leave, but I finally managed to drag them away after about 3 hours of dog and puppy play. I have a feeling we’ll be back.

The title of this post makes absolutely no sense, but I thought of a wonderful title earlier this morning when I posted in my head and these are the first letters of the words I can’t remember.
Jesse is DYING to finish the Monopoly game we started on Christmas Day so I’ll have to finish this for now.

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  • 1 TaTa // Jan 6, 2008 at 10:36 am
    The news about both Pike and Jess is troubling, but we hope the medicines are going to kick in SOON. Now just keep the rest of you well and strong.
    Good luck on the yoga, Kit. I am beginning to “get into” it more - but have need of more learning. I am looking around to see if I can find some Yoga classes in the area for a class or two to make sure I am trying to do the poses correctly.
    Hugs to everyone and wishes for healthy times for you all!
  • 2 vanessa // Jan 6, 2008 at 1:42 pm
    Kathy, sometimes the doctors don’t prescribe the right antibiotic, or the bacteria is resistent to the one that he is taking.
    You should see him looking better after 24 hours if not and if he still has a fever then it is NOT working, get the doctor to give him a different drug!!
    Give him lots of water or pedialite or he will dehydrate and end up in hospital!
    Sorry for jumping in where I am not called, but popped in to see how you are doing and now I am worried about Pike.
    Buena suerte!
  • 3 Christina // Jan 6, 2008 at 2:52 pm
    Sending good thoughts for Pike. Poor baby. I haven’t heard from doc T. I’ll call up there.
    Re yoga - I was also thinking this am that there is a world to explore in surya namaskara b.
    The photos of the girls and puppies are beyond adorable. My girls are on the warpath for a kitten. Ch&t is resisting.
    Finally, why “A&D”? Why not “astroglide?”
  • 4 Michelle // Jan 6, 2008 at 11:58 pm
    Astroglide? Poor Pikey. He should be brushing his teeth and tongue even while he is sick and not eating. Flossing would be good too. It will hurt for a few days, but it will get better. Been there and it sucks. You can pass up a couple teeth brushings and be in gingivitis-land. I would also garggle with salt water. Just my two-cents. It sucks to have a sick kid.
  • 5 marissa // Jan 8, 2008 at 11:51 am
    Kathy, It was so wonderful meeting you and your girls Saturday at ‘wash day.’ I hope I will see you again soon! I think Mildred hopes so too..and one of the six NEW puppies …and Annie…and…..
    I think you’d be a great puppy Mommy!

The year in review

Ha!  Not a chance!  But I was heartened to find that while I still need to perform a fine tooth combing of November and December, we spent only around $33K last year.  Of course, that doesn’t include palapa costs.  A quick perusal of the palapa spreadsheet shows we spent about $8200 on the palapa renovation and fix-up and furnishings cost around $2300.  We still have painting to do, some more furniture to purchase and are waiting for our carpintero to give us a quote for lower cabinets for the kitchen and then I think we’ll wait for a bit.  We’d like to tile upstairs above the recamera and the upper walls of the baƱo, but that might wait a bit.  We also want to re-do some of the trailer space tile work.  I don’t think you’re really ever done unless you sell the place.  Our good neighbors, Ian and Deb are in a constant flux of palapa changes and have an absolutely GORGEOUS bathroom and now upper deck to flaunt.

I’ve been able to practice some form of Yoga for the past week and am really happy that I’m finally getting back to Yoga.  I’d always thought I would need to stop the exercise walks with Jamie or carve out an enormous block of time to practice but I’ve found that really isn’t true; I’m generally happy with 5A’s and 5B’s.  I have a Yoga blog so I’ll shaddup about Yoga now.

Pike is on the mend!  Thank you SO MUCH to everyone for their sweet concern, Vanessa; please NEVER feel like you’re intruding!  He has gone a solid week (or more?) without food and his mouth just is not getting better.  He really had us fooled as he and Sissy and the “good” tooth brushers but apparently he had a HUGE change in his little mouth (many molars up and down pushing all his teeth about) and he pretty much stopped brushing.  Why he didn’t tell us this I have no idea.  I have a feeling the tonsil infection might have been caused by the mouth bacteria.

At any rate, while he dropped the fever after a day of antibiotics, he was still weak, not eating and not out of bed.  While the tonsil infection had cleared his mouth still was red and swollen.  So today we headed off to our favorite dentist in Playa del Carmen, Dr. Jorge Armenta.  He took a good look, talked to us for quite a bit and did a light cleaning.  He gave Pike very detailed and explicit instructions on brushing, frequency and a suggestion for a different type of mouth wash.  We then took Pike to the grocery store and tried hard to find food he would consider eating.  Almost all his little teeth are loose as these molars move in (it is a testament to Jesse’s personality that he never mentioned any of this when it happened to him) and he HATES eating with loose teeth.  That and his gums hurt him badly.  For a boy who LOVES to eat almost anything served, it was a shock to have him dismiss food after food.  We finally ended up with strawberries, cottage cheese, little sausages and salmon.  He is sleeping after his big excursion to the dentist and store (he could barely walk in the store but soldiered through) after eating two bowls of cottage cheese, a decent serving of strawberries and some little sausages.  He has a followup appointment on Monday and we are hoping that there will be great improvement.

And that’s about it; Yoga; doing well on our spending, Pike on a treatment plan and the weather holds chilly.

The HILLS are alive (if we had hills) with the aroma of Cubano…

My heart is SINGING this morning (Jody, you might want to skip this) after downing a blissbul cuppa. We had run out of the recent discovery of wonderfully roasted coffee and were subsisting on Jamie’s re-roast of Chiapas coffee we’d purchased at City Club. Ooooh! The new City Club is open! Yesterday I headed to our coffee roaster and picked up two kilos and am loving this stuff so much. I generally only have one cup a day, but this heavenly joe is amazing and I find I can’t have just one cup.

I think I scared the roasters a little; I was gushing so much about their coffee and our plans to buy oodles of it for when we leave and just yammering on and on and on and by the time I left I think they would have paid me to just shut up and go. So, I got the lovely beans.

I managed to finally get to a working phone and get my MT materials ordered after trying a phone in PdC (couldn’t get through with my toll free number workaround), a phone in Puerto Adventuras (no electricity) and finally another try in PdC was the charm. And it only took about a week. I’m excited to try out Merkalink though the shipping will be astronomical, it is really the only way to get 30-40lb of materials down here before summer, so it will be worth the extra expense.

Jamie and I have been exercising regularly and are pretty happy with ourselves. Jamie has even begun riding again. So far we’ve only had two walks in which I got myself warm enough to consider a dip in the sea, but Jamie looks hungrily at the sea each time we walk. It is a beautiful walk and we’re so lucky to be able to take advantage of it.

We’ve been considering the adoption of an animal and Jamie has acquiesced to the pleadings of the girls and will attend Saturday’s puppy wash. I wonder if we’ll have a companion? Jesse is the only one wanting a cat but I’m not sure Jamie or I could deal with one; Jesse loves the cuddly aspect of a cat, so maybe we’ll eventually have one of those things too. (sorry cat people)

Ah, what a disjoined, awful post, but I’m finding most of my energy going to Yoga and this poor blog gets the leftovers.

Oh! I’m DAILY so excited about the prospects of traveling this year, it is a joy in my heart I can’t begin to express. Some people would be overjoyed living on the Caribbean, and I really should count those blessings, but as beautiful as it is here, I’m happiest when the rubber side is down and rolling. We’re planning on headed to the New Mexico/Colorado border for a while and maybe volunteering in a national/state/whatever park in Idaho or Wyoming or something and then spending Tday in California. So, lots of travel to fill me up for the foreseeable future. I think the kids will be happy to be on the road also. I just hope everything still works and hasn’t rusted beyond repair.

I can haz pupeez?

We’re picking up a fourteen week puppy this afternoon.  We’ve been helping the local animal shelter by washing puppies (honestly, I’m not exactly certain how much help the kids are) each Saturday and have talked Jamie into a doggie.  AND a kitty!  Jonna and Mimi have seriously cautioned us against a puppy though, so as hard as the kids have fallen for the 5 week old pupeez, they tell us it just wouldn’t be the best choice.  They tell us we would do best with a 9 month old and the animal shelter folks say that the 14 week puppy we really like is Very Energetic, so we’re going to take the 14 week old for a week trial and see how she does.  I wonder if daily exercise and attention will calm her down.  The shelter has named her Mildred, but should we adopt her, only a Spanish name will do.
We’ve been working on the palapa little by little; I have one entire outside wall painted and am working on the back of the palapa.  We have talked to one carpintero about bottom cabinets for the kitchen and a contratista about tiling the bathroom upper walls and bottom cabinets for the kitchen.  We hope to get the ball rolling on those projects by next week.  That meaning we’ll select a carpintero.  We have no idea if/when the cabinets will actually be installed.

I’ll update later when we pick her up.

Lonely for Luneta

Well, the great dog experiment 2008 was an awful failure. She is a WONDERFUL, smart, loving doggie but Jamie is allergic and we have suspicions that Sissy is also. It isn’t a mild allergy either, so after 2 nights here he bravely told the kids that she’d have to go back to the shelter and then immediately broke down in tears. We took her back yesterday and she was so excited to see all her shelter dog friends that we think she won’t even remember us. It is quiet here, no excited puppy jumping up to let you know that OH YEA! A human! And I LIKE the human! And they pet me! And give me food! And take me to the horrible place with the sand (ick!) and waves (ugh!) but I tolerate them and love them back! I can sweep the floors again and I won’t miss her smell or having to be around her constantly to housetrain her (she was almost completely there after only a couple days) but dayum, I do miss that puppy.

We’re going to try with Jesse’s first choice, a kitty, in a week, after we’re able to clean everything well enough to get rid of whatever is bothering Jamie, and see what happens.
I’m not sure what else to say, we’re all rather sad here…

Bad neighbors

A cockroach. I had a Goddamned, piece of shit, farking COCKROACH crawling on my ARM yesterday morning. It was NOT a good wake up call. I spent most of the day tearing the trailer apart, cleaning, spraying chemicals everywhere (note to self; you can probably stop with the organic shit now that you’re breathing pure poison) and removing dust and clutter. I felt quite confident it would not happen again. This morning, in the absolute WORST possible wake up call known to man or beast, I had a farking COCKROACH crawling on my fucking CHEEK (and arm). I sprayed very little in the way of chemicals in the bedroom yesterday, but you can believe me that after today, the place will be declared a Superfund site if we ever make it back to the US. Read the rest of this entry »
We have been chasing down an electrical problem and yesterday found that the wires we were concerned about (which do not belong to our palapa at all) had begun to burn. So we called an electrician and cut them. We continued without any power interruptions but our neighbors (who are the epitome of “bad” neighbors) came over to yell at Jamie such that the kids fled to our (good) neighbors in terror. I got the park involved, and while our two downstream neighbors were without power most all the day, we did not have a fire, the wires did not burn down to the point that they were unusable (and as such, said neighbors would have been without power for MUCH longer than a day) and they did not spike such that again, said neighbors did not have electronic equipment melt down. I paid the electrician and kept the park electricians hydrated and fed even though the electrical problem did not affect us in the least. Honestly, we simply could have cut the wires, disavowed any knowledge and let the awful neighbors stew and chase their tails. Of course, not a word of thanks, instead, one of the awful neighbors send the head of security down to (hopefully) give us shit. I made him a lovely cup of coffee and we had a lovely visit.

I began my foray into dental work yesterday; the kids have all gone (though I believe Jesse still has some work to be done) and now it is my turn to finish up work begun years and years ago. I’m getting a corona (crown) and puente (bridge) and I think I have at least one cavity. But we’ll start there.

I am hoping to drag the family to Cozumel’s Carnaval on Friday (at the very least). I would love to spend the week on the island but haven’t figured out whether or not we’ll do that. I think we’ll take the car ferry over on Friday, explore the island and enjoy the parades. Course, I should check the ferry schedule to see if we’ll be able to get back over after the parades. Have a gander; this is supposed to be a premier Carnaval but very family friendly.
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  • 1 jody // Jan 24, 2008 at 11:16 am
    Welcome to paradise. The thought of sailing a boat across the Gulf doesn’t bother me half as much as those flippin little monsters.
    So far we have not seen any here….but that is only because my house glows like a nuclear power plant due to the termite issue we had prior to closing.
    Can you tell me anything about Tampico?
  • 2 vicki // Jan 24, 2008 at 12:48 pm
    I don’t know what’s worse, them or the mice we’d been fighting! We started out with live traps, did catch and release, then when Jonas wasn’t looking we killed and released, and now we’re just straight out poisoning. Yuck! Wen we all got sick I thought for sure we had the hontavirus (sp), like maybe they had a nest in our furnace and everyime the furnace would kick on it would blow heir feces all over the bus. Thank G-d I was wrong.
    You guys could always play Fear Factor games with the little buggers!
  • 3 Dr Paul // Jan 24, 2008 at 6:07 pm
    love, papa
  • 4 veronica // Jan 24, 2008 at 8:43 pm
    Hola !
    Mi nombre es veronica y tengo dos hijos, Emiliano y Beatrice, me gustaria conocerles.
    Ustedes estan en Paamul la prox. semana? Vienen a playa?
    Un Saludo
    (Hablo ingles)
  • 5 Christina // Jan 25, 2008 at 4:27 pm
  • 6 michelle // Jan 26, 2008 at 8:30 am
    you just can’t make this stuff up, though i’m sure you wish you had! good luck, and be careful with those chemicals!

PHC 15km S of PdC

I take obscure pride in the fact that I can pop in on the kids while they are absorbed in Legos and sing one line, “One little thing can revive a guy, and that is a piece of rhubarb pie” and they will sing every word of the rest of the jingle (serve it up, nice and hot; maybe things aren’t as bad as you thought.  Mama’s little baby loves rhubarb, rhubarb, bee bop a ree bop Rhubarb Pie”).
I like that kind of weird.

Witchy itchy

Mozzies are back in force after a few days of awful weather (we didn’t see the sun for almost and entire HALF DAY). It is also getting a bit warmer and I no longer wear long pants all day long. Definitely in town though; it isn’t nearly warm enough for shorts in town.

I also have a huge itch to see Carnaval in Cozumel. I have been wanting to attend Carnaval ever since meeting some Africans on the Alaska Marine Highway in the early 80’s. We be-friended each other, I met a different guy from California and handed the keys to my 1971 Datsun 240Z along with a Read the rest of this entry » along with a Shell gas credit card to him and headed off with the Africans. We had a marvelous time; a sister, brother and game warden from South Africa, and not so strangely (for those times) my sportscar was waiting for me when I arrived back in California. The Africans and I parted, promising to meet up in Rio de Janiero for Carnaval. They didn’t make it, but I worked for many months, saving a nest egg, quit my job and traveled South America for 3 years. But I never made it to Carnaval.

Carnaval on Cozumel is rumored to be a very family friendly event and I’m curious about the island and the lights we see across the channel from us on clear nights. I talked to the family and the hotel-shy Pike and they are all pretty excited about staying at Tamarindo B&B. I’m also looking into snorkeling tours as the currents around Cozumel are supposed to be quite a bit trickier than our calm seas. If nothing else, it will be an excellent excuse to take a Catamaran out for 3.5 hours and snorkel 3 different reefs. We’re so spoilt here with our own swim out reef, but we know it pretty well and I’m really looking forward to new reefs. I’m also hoping to scope out the island as a possible location to take my sister and family. But honestly, Carnaval is the biggest draw and I’m incredibly excited to have the opportunity, after more than 20 years, to attend.
I can hardly wait!
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  • 1 jody // Jan 27, 2008 at 7:38 am
    That looks totally lovely. Love the hammocks. LEt us know how you like it, as we are talking about a trip there soon.
    The reef there are just beautiful. They are not too tricky if you get a guide on the boat…or a dinghy to meet divers down current from where you anchor. How fun to rent a cat and see it by boat!
    You could also drive down to Playa Azul and enjoy the beach there. Lots of Mexican families vacation there as do some Europeans. You can hike up the beach from there…maybe about 1/2 mile or more then climb down the little cliffs and drift along them snorkling back to Playa Azul. You will see eels, and all kids of amazing sea life….and probably not one other human being ta boot.
    Have fun!!
  • 2 Judy // Jan 27, 2008 at 8:41 am
    What a beautiful place-damn this job! Maybe I could give it up and become an itinerant plasterer.
    Thanks for posting the link.
  • 3 michelle // Jan 27, 2008 at 10:08 am
    Slade & I had our honeymoon on Cozumel - oh so many years ago. It is funny because we wished we had stayed across the waters to the lights of Playa del Carmen, which we did take a boat to on a day trip and wished we stayed there instead. We found Cozumel too american. Would love to hear how you find it these 17 years later!
  • 4 TaTa // Jan 27, 2008 at 8:03 pm
    You actually did attend one Carnaval - in New Orleans in 1965.
    We took you and Christina and Paul (little Pauly) to a New Orleans Carnival. You all were able to come back home with some of the “throws” you received during the parade.
    You all were very little then, but I remember it well! (I carried Michelle to the parade inside me, as it was before February 26th) - we all had a good time!

Vote from Abroad

If you are a Democrat (or wish to vote Democrat, I suppose), you do not need to establish a US address and file a voter registration for that state.  Apparently 20 delegates have been set aside for those of us living outside the US.  While we have always been able to vote in an election, I have not been aware of any means to vote in a primary, but now it seems there are.  Head over to and they’ll register you for the general election also, should you desire it.
Now, that is THREE posts in ONE day!   I think I’m done for the month.

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