Ellen has thrown up the last two nights running and last night I managed to sleep from sometime after 6am until 8:30.  Yippee!  Since it was the second night, my brain is running very much on empty.  As such, we didn’t leave for the US today and Jamie and Michael spent the day cycling and finding a place that we all MUST visit tomorrow, so barring any further vomiting episodes tonight, we’ll head for what Jamie is calling “Little Yosemite”.  We’ve always loved this side of the Sierra Madre, but he was really taken with the spot they visited today.  We tried to get there last year, but due to Hurricane Emily, it was underwater along with any and all roads leading there.  Ellen has been drinking soy milk today and eating bread and cream cheese but she is still very hungry.  Since the vomiting has come out of the blue; she is fine all day and eats well but wakes after midnight vomiting her poor little guts out for hours and hours, I’ve really been holding her back from eating.  She’s not too happy about that.  Jamie thinks it might be the green pommegrantes the kids are eating.  They’ve found green (but ripe!) apricots, membrillo (also green, but it is always green) and pomms (green, of course) and have been eating with abandon.  This is truly their idea of heaven; all kinds of their favorite fruit trees all free for the picking.

Well, I’m using up the very little of what is left of my functioning brain, so please wish my lovely mother a Happy 58th birthday and light 25 candles for her cake!  We are hoping to head to the US the day after and honestly, the miser in me is glad.  In Morelos we paid 40 pesos a night; here it is two hundred and fifty!  Course, we have pools and playgrounds and courtyards and biking areas, a gym and fruit trees all at our disposal.