Saturday, August 12, 2006

Saliendo por el otro lado

Everywhere I talk to people about the US, it is always referred as “the other side” (el otro lado). Tomorrow, we will finally end our 6 months (plus) in Mexico and trade tortas for sandwiches, manzanas for apples, queso for cheese but we’ll never trade the beauty of all we love of Mexico. Yesterday, Jamie returned to the canyon outside of La Laguna Sanchez, an area we found last year and fell in love all over again. Last year we were ready to move here but knew we needed to see more of the country. It is such an incredible area but the photos at Flickr just do not do it justice.

 I’m sure I’ll write more in the days to come, but I need to do a quick update as we’ll be out of contact for a little while. Michael is dreading the heat of Texas (well, we all are) and I contemplated heading to Chihuaua and then over to Presidio and then Alpine and Ft. Davis, but Jamie nixed that idea (and honestly, I’m not sure we’d make Chihuaua in one day). So, it is off to the oven that is Texas; spending summer at 5000-7000ft is our idea of air conditioning.

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