Saturday, September 23, 2006

Flat as panqueque

colorado-kansas 009 We’re in Kansas. Just about 30 or so miles into Kansas, but it is very flat, has no snow, no ice and is easy on the driver. I may be complaining about being bored out of my skull with the flatness in the future, but I doubt it. All day today I was reliving the evening on the mountain and I keep getting flashes of what DIDN’T happen, but almost happened and what COULD have happened but didn’t happen. I should be able to be thankful for the positive, but I keep reliving the negative. Jamie has prescribed “stress relief” that crafty devil and we’ll see if that helps. If not, I’ll just keep getting drunk.
We’re at a “lake” by Kansas standards and when we find it I’ll let you know. Suffice to say it is flat, but there are bathrooms and electricity (!!) for five dollars a night. Yet another reason to love non-snowy, flat, non-icy, flat as a board Kansas.

We will stay here two nights, waiting out the weather which is projecting tornados on our expected route.  If someone is holding onto the locusts, please just release them.  I’d like to just get it all over with already.  :0

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