Wednesday, September 20, 2006

SNOW!!! Otra vez!

chama 068 So, i get an email from my good friend John in Pueblo CO (we are so close to CO that we drove there today) who tells me it was 80F there today. They are at 6000 feet. Chama is in the 7000’s. The signal strength on my satellite connection had been slowly dropping all evening (as I answered the 45 emails sitting in my inbox, and no, I didn’t have merely 45 but 45 that needed a response) and finally in dropped below 30 and I lost my connection. I wondered if Germantown (the NOC; don’t worry, if you don’t “do” satellite internet, just go “la la la” when you read this gibberish) was having weather trouble as I had noticed the sound of rain had stopped. I waited and played a few games of Spider Solitaire and finally, when the numbers kept to the single digits, figured the tipod had settled in the rain and was no longer plumb. I found my jeans (.50 at the recent yard sale in El Dorado and they fit like a DREAM) and pulled them on, couldn’t find my shoes so I stole Jamie’s (I better hurry as the signal strength is dropping again) and headed outside, my trusty laptop relaying the modem’s signal. As I stepped down, I crunched. Got a flashlight and saw frost? snow? Walked further, crunching, and found the dish was completely covered with SNOW! It is snowing here in Chama and we are tucked in tight! I wiped the snow from the dish and immediately the signal strength climbed 55 points! It has dropped 2 points since I started typing so I’d better hurry.

The boys are so jazzed about the snow and hope it will stay for the morning. I just want to try to get a picture, so I’ll post and then see what I can get. Can you believe? Snow in mid September?

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