Thursday, December 14, 2006

simply lovely in small town Texas

If we had to pick a place to come down with the barfs, we couldn’t have picked a better place. We’re visiting a friend I’ve never met, who has 4 kids, an AmeriCamp 5th wheel (that I’m DYING to see) and a website. She found our website from someone else and that is how we became friends. I’m purposely not giving geographical descriptions nor updating the datastorm map (see the “Where ARE we link above”?) to protect her privacy, but it is a small town and really lovely. The kids are all having a marvelous time and the boys, who have yet to come down with the barfs, have been spending every spare moment with her boys. I hope we don’t overstay our welcome as they are such a loving, caring, open and down to earth family.

We’re staying at the city municipal park which has installed some 20 RV sites with FULL hookups in a 148 acre park. They’re currently rehabilitating the creek running through the park and we have a wonderful view of the process. I don’t know if we’re an oddity or if the town is so small that anyone new is a source of entertainment of if this is simply a busy place, but there are pickup trucks and cars coming through here at just about any hour. Everyone is really friendly though, so it is hard to figure out. For such a small town it is amazingly healthy; we spent the first night at the band concert of one of Jody’s boys and the place was CRAWLING with kids. Kids of all ages. It was such a wonderful experience; not a child was hushed; they played and romped and entertained themselves all through the concert and were simply allowed to be kids.

I’m sure there is much more to the town, but until the females (so far, only the females have been affected) stop the barf cycle, we’re getting a good view of the INSIDE of the trailer and far too many DVD’s. I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll EVER get to Mexico…

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