Sunday, December 24, 2006

singing the praises of Ameri-Camp

So, with the rain, we’ve noticed a small leak in the skylight in the bathroom.  We actually noticed it in the small town we were in, and started looking into replacing it.  Kids got sick; everyone sick, put it on the backburner.  We did a lot of looking around on the internet and a couple places B&M (brick & mortar) but couldn’t find our exact size.  So I call up AmeriCamp and ask them for a price (we’re out of warranty) to replace it and some other goodies.  They give me a price and I say, great!  Send it General Delivery…but UPS doesn’t do General Delivery.  So I figure out a way to get it to us and call them back; they are upgrading the delivery from Ground to 2nd Day Air, sending us the skylight and the goodies and NOT CHARGING US A DIME!  I even pooh-poohed his offer and tried to give our CC#; he wouldn’t budge.  They’re sending us everything 2nd day air and won’t take money.  What a company!

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