Wednesday, November 24, 2004


It was wonderful to see Michelle and the kids again, as she rushed them off to school (half day) and she headed for the gym.  When we woke to clear skies and warm (for Illinois) temperatures, we felt a bit foolish for our marathon drive the night before.  Even Michelle doubted it would snow, though she did hear it had been snowing in Chicago.

Soon rain filled the skies and quickly it turned to snow.  The kids were quite disappointed when it didn’t stick and we hung around Michelle’s gorgeous house and ocassionally watched the snow melt on the ground.  It wasn’t long, however, before the snow "stuck" and we began to envision a white Thanksgiving.  I started taking picture after picture of the rig; each time thinking, "this is the MOST snow we’ll see now".  By dark, we had snow.  At nightfall, we had a LOT of snow!

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