Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Up at 6am and on the road by 7:20.  I’d packed the car the night before; it is breakfast (ad the kids eating it) that is taking so long.  Maybe I need to get them up at 6am instead of 6:15 so we can get on the road earlier…
I thought sure they’d all be sleeping by now, but as we descend off the buttes and plateaus of eastern WY; into fog and clouds, they are all still quite awake, but much crankier than usual.  We have 360+ miles to go today to get to Cheyenne, and I thought we’d need the extra hour.  It is rare to see a car on the road - we are surrounded by 18 wheel trucks all day long.  We are currently travelling through the fog of Little America WY; which is a shame because it was heavily promoted with billboards for the past 18 miles and now we can’t see what all the hullabaloo was about.  We are socked in; every morning since we started out journey we’ve managed to find fog along the route.  We saw our first trees today - we’ve been in high desert since Nevada (and we drove through the Sierras at night). 

East of Laramie we crossed the highest summit on I80 (8700ftish) and went a little higher to let the kids play in the snow.  They played for a good 30 minutes but Jamie and I were freezing (they had down and snow pants and boots; we were in cotton pants and sneakers) so we left.  It was a long driving day today and had we not stopped for snow fun (we drove around a bit finding the "best" place to play) we would have made Cheyenne by 2:30.  We got in a good 365 miles of travelling.  Boring boring flat high desert (we haven’t gone lower than 5000ft since we left CA, and stay in the 6-7000ft range) and I’m afraid that Nebraska isn’t going to be much different.  Well, I hope it will be less desert.  Tomorrow we hope to hit Costco in Omaha (we broke our only jar of organic peanut butter; spoiling the entire jar) at a rest stop today.  Not much to say.  Flat boring country…

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