Monday, January 23, 2006


Yes, with Ellen, Disneyland is a 4 syllable word. We went to Trader Joes today to stock up for the upcoming “Special Day” with food that isn’t soup or pot roast or tamales or lasagne or something that needs to be heated up. The kids have already blasted through an entire bag of bagels and the Joe’s O’s (an Oreo type thing without hydrogenated oils) have taken heavy causalities. AAA was unable to come up with any kind of discount and from what I’ve been able to find on the Internet, Dis-en-ey-wand does not really offer any. So we’ll be pillaging from the “college” fund (yeah, unschoolers with a college fund) and going to Disney. It has been so incredibly windy here that it is quite disconcerting. Apparently, the gusts are only 40-50mph but it feels like a hurricane.

Not much to say; I really wanted to upload photos, but they just aren’t happening on this freebie link. I did, however, make a return to the dark mistress this morning; very contrary to my nature, I awoke at 7am (practically the middle of the night) and did Yoga. Ellen did just fine without me.

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