Sunday, January 22, 2006

Taft, California

Well, not exactly Taft, but a little east of the intersection of SR43 and SR119. East of I5. North of the Buena something county recreational area. Got it? Good.

We left Harris Ranch around 10:30 this morning; leisurely morning and while I contemplated Yoga out with the cow dung and farm equipment, the cold kept me inside. I can’t ever remember such a cold winter in California. Is it just that our blood is running tropical? We had planned on stopping at the Buena Vista Kern County park, but boondocking fees were TWENTY SIX DOLLARS and hookups thirty plus. As I pulled in, the attendant asked me if we’d planned to stay just the day and I said, “at these prices I’ll be staying just long enough to turn around”. I prefer to support local parks, but those prices were simply astronomical. I stopped near a nice grassy field in the midst of farmland and we let the children loose to play. We spent quite a few hours, eating, making dinner, listening to Prarie Home Companion (I am simply LOVING Sirius radio and wonder how we survived before it) and watching the kids play. Just before sunset we packed up and headed about 2 minutes down the road to the intersection of some farm roads (but lots of gravel under us) and we’ll spend the night here.

Tomorrow we try to hunt down the source of our battery issues; they seem to be draining incredibly fast. After that, we’ll head to the LA area (I picked out some parks thanks to Google Earth and spend time at a park for the kids and decide to either spend the night there or head to a WalMart for the night. Jamie much prefers a WalMart to my kind of stealth boon-docking. Then we’re San Diego bound, but I might stop Encinitas to check out a Yoga class.

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