Saturday, January 21, 2006

on the road again

We left!!!!!

Unfortunately, we left the A/C adapter to my laptop in Fremont. More unfortunately, we left it at the laptop repair shop to be used with the Thinkpad T30. My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite. That isn’t going to work. I know this because the Thinkpad adapters do not work in the Toshiba. So the laptop will not be fixed either. My laptop has all the passwords and email on it, so we’re running a little technically blind. What is worse, to Pike, is that we left some 20 out of 5731 lego pieces at Aunty Chris’s house. He is demanding that we return to Fremont to pick up the lego pieces. We’re hoping to have them sent with the A/C adapter, but that will probably be too little too late for him. He is quite pissed that we’re not, at this very moment, heading straight back to pick up the legos.

At any rate, updates may be very few and far between. Jamie has a Thursday appointment in San Diego with a urologist so we’ll be somewhere in the state (or Mexico) until then. Janet; I have no email addresses; could you email me (I can get new email). thanks!

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