Sunday, March 26, 2006

hi ho,hi ho

It rained last night. It was a soft rain; so soft and quiet that while I smelled the deep dank smell of earth and rot, there was a complete lack of rooftop chatter making me think the noise I heard from the bunkroom was the sound of boys and legos. I was surfing or checking airfares or something important on the computer and the rest of the family slept.

Sissy and Jamie in their bed; Ellen on the dinette and the boys in their room.  I kept hearing the noise and thinking legos, all the while knowing it was misting a soft rain.  I had so convinced myself of the lego theory that when I crept in to check on the lego-playing boys, I was surprised to hear the soft rain sound and find only sleeping boys.

We spent today running from one decision to another. Should we let Jamie leave tomorrow? Should he go Tuesday? Should we try to get M to pay to store his stuff so Jamie could postpone his trip until things were finalized with the Westy? Should Sissy go with Jamie?  How’d we get a UHaul to M’s motel?  By early evening, we were on our last nightmare errand but we’d just come from the Old Town and mazes of mansions falling into oblivion.  There was a spectacular sunset as we sped along the malecon; certain that they boys were frantic with worry (Pike’s tummy had been bothering him so we left the boys at the trailer).  We barely noticed the sunset for the worry over the boys and insane driving and drivers.  Course, we were one of them.

We’ve decided to fly Jamie back to the US to deal with our friend’s impending homelessness.  Not only that, but we’ve decided to send Sissy with him. She has been riding a roller coaster of emotion; one moment she’s up (going with Jamie) and the next, down; (staying here with yucky Mom). We’ve been trying to find a vehicle and decide what to do and how to do it and finally, today, made our plans. We’re hoping to use our Westy that we gave to a friend in California. The trip will end up being quite opportune; Jamie lost his prescription sunglasses in the surf in Celestino and will be able to replace them in the US.  Ellen dropped and broke my computer (ARGH!) and Jamie will hopefully get it repaired under warranty in the US and he’ll come back with loads more peanut butter as the kids seem to be going through it like water.  My budget has exploded (good thing the computer is broken and I can’t update my daily expenses) as today we spent close to $1000 on plane tickets, notarized letter to allow Jamie to take Sissy in and out of Mexico and a month of rent here on the beach.

The day before yesterday we took the kids to a balneario that is so close, we have walked to it. Last year, it was closed and this year the kids are over the moon knowing how close it is. We spent the entire day there and since we’ll be here another month, we’ll probably go back. I don’t expect Jamie and Sissy to be back before a month is up and I’m starting to think we’ll simply never get to Oaxaca. It will be lovely to see M again though, and the kids are really looking forward to it. Ellen will really miss Sissy while she’s gone but I’m hoping that Sissy will really appreciate this time with Jamie and perhaps, when she comes back, her brothers and sister also.

Sissy and Jamie leave tomorrow; we have a LOT of packing to do.

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