Sunday, March 5, 2006

Snippety snippets

 I’m seriously considering the Mexican version of getting stuck in the sand. First, bury the back axle. Have such ultimate faith in your 4×4 Dodge diesel (purred like a little kitten, that Dodge Cummings) that you gun the thing, your pretty little accomplice next to you, continuing to spin the wheels and completely bury the axles. Get out laughing your ass off, a can of Tecate in hand. Head into the restaurant and leave the arrangements to the waiter, who calls one friend with a 4×4 pickup (about 1/2 the size of the stuck vehicle) and proceeded to stop just short of burying his axle, but now both trucks are chained together; nose to nose. Back to the restaurant with you, laughing, snogging it up with the pretty damsel, food, sunset approaching and more beer; who me? Worry? Waiter brings in his heavy duty enforcements. A guy on a bicycle and later, a gasser 4×4. This one is just as new and big as the original stuck one. They get out shovels and work on unburying the first truck. They disconnect the 2nd truck and chain the back of the first to the front of the 3rd. Now dinner is over, so you come out to watch. Finally, they’re ready and they drag you, like a little doll truck out of the deep deep sand to relative safety. The little truck is able to escape on his own. Everyone is laughing, and clapping each other on the back and enjoying themselves. They drive off and you hand over a bill to the guy on the bicycle (the truck pimp?) and almost get yourself stuck again leaving the restaurant.

A local dog had puppies. When we arrived, the kids spent most of their day waiting for the mother dog to leave (to scrounge for food) so they could peep at the puppies. The owners of the beach area/restaurant/hotel/RV park decided to take the puppies away (and give them away?) from the mother at around 3 weeks and she is now walking around, bursting with milk. The boys are incensed at the owners; that they would take her puppies and so very very soon.

We are once again with wheels! Not only did the mechanics fix the electrical short, but they washed the car and vacuumed the interior. They stopped after the front seat; I can’t imagine the hours they put in just vacuuming.

Jamie is so sick of the beach, he’s ready to pull the trailer out himself. The cycling around here leaves a LOT to be desired, in his opinion, and knowing that the mountains of Alamos are just a stone’s throw away is more frustating than he can bear. He tried to ride on day in the mountains here; took the car and drove to a pueblo area he thought could be the start of a good ride. It was a very involved tale involving a ride with a local teen on Jesse’s bike, miles or animal trails, exposure to very rural life, where absolutely no-one has a vehicle of any kind that I’ll have him tell me again so I can record it.
I am so glad Howard Stern moved to Sirius radio. Jamie then insisted on Sirius, I grudgingly gave in (I HATE spending money unecessarily) and as a result, I’m enjoying classical, symphony pops, Broadway show tunes, “Wait, Wait, Don’t Wait” (as Jamie calls it, it is actually “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me), “Prarie Home Companion” and the 60’s and 70’s music stations. It is luxurious beyond belief.
The other day, after the girls got good and sandy, I had started Yoga out on the beach as per normal. They decided to take a bath, so I was forced to come inside to finish my practice and I learned quite a bit by varying the surface. After 2 weeks on sand, my balance poses have been so incredibly shaky that I only hold them for 4 breaths. Inside, on a solid surface, I was rock-solid. I’d thought I’d been losing my ability but it turns out it was the surface. It is MUCH hotter inside and I sweated up a storm; outside the wind takes care of that and I only know I’m working hard by my heartbeat and when I’m out of breath. It was lovely in down dog to be able to stretch my shoulders and back. I normally don’t do that on the sand as I have no purchase. I am really getting stronger and starting to relate Yoga to everything. When the kids are sitting or simply being, I see so many Yoga poses in their movements. Their little bodies stretch and move so effortlessly I keep watching to see if I can pick up pointers or secrets. Unfortunately, I think it is simply the age.

I am becoming stronger and stronger and see it in simple little moves I make throughout the day. Getting off a chair, sitting on the bed, working at the computer; there is a stretch or a strength I’m finding all the time.

Tomorrow we head to El Fuerte. Jamie will ride and I will search for a new Yoga spot.

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