Friday, July 28, 2006

Finally, a sunny day

My mother emailed me for an update (sniff sniff); apparently she is the ONLY ONE who even CARES that I could be DYING of some liverbadthingorsomething (I only use the most technical of terms here) and was waiting with baited breath to find out when she should start wearing black, cause I’m so sick and dying and all. Like anyone else cares (cue violins). Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that I haven’t answered a single comment or email in a good month.  Or maybe I just haven’t read them all.  I’m a goof.

So, we are running true to form with package delivery. On the 18th of July, I emailed IBM with explicit details on our location and where we were physically located at the gasolinera and in the speed of light, with maximum efficiency, on the TWENTYFIFTH they decided to send the fixed laptop back to us. Unfortunately, they left off many important details of the address. They did get the codigo postal (zipcode) correct though, so I guess I should be happy. I’ve been watching UPS’s website and yesterday found that the package showed up in DF. Why it went from Guadalajara (310km away) to San Luis Potosi ( km away) to DF ( km away) baffled me. But I trusted that they had their reasons. Today, the status showed that the address was missing information so I called UPS to update everything. Apparently, the laptop is actually somewhere between Zacatecas city and San Luis Potosi (city, I hope and not the entire state; I assumed she meant city…) but since Zacatecas UPS isn’t computerized, they called their info into DF (how thoughtful!) and DF updated the status. So, it is not in DF. Just somewhere between two states. Or maybe two cities. Not sure. But it is definitely IN Mexico. Certainly. She couldn’t have meant Spain…

I went to the 20 peso doctor yesterday and she was very thorough, did not know why my WBC and leucocyte and liver levels were all off but since I’m getting better and my liver is getting smaller (well, it isn’t as uncomfortable as before and it isn’t pushing on my innards like before) and the Big D is coming to a very thankful end and well, I just don’t think I need to pursue anything major. So tomorrow I’ll get my WBC count and leukocyte count done again (even though they promised they’d do it with the liver panel; I wondered why they didn’t charge me; they just didn’t do it) and see how that goes. Everything is coming back negative and the liver panel is just a bit abnormal; not enough to indicate acute hepatitis.

The rain rain rain has been coming down down down all over Zacatecas and Morelos and when you throw cobblestones and rocks falling down off cliff sides that line the road, you get boiling red rushing water. And as soon as it hits, it is gone again. We’ll be here until at least Martes; the computer might come on Monday but probably Tuesday according to UPS, and my last blood test results will come Monday.

The kids have been having a blast learning card games after too many days of bickering over the use of the computer led to a ban on child computer usage for a week. We’ve got a plan in the works though, so don’t worry, the little darlings will soon have computer access. Already Ellen used it yesterday, Sissy today, and the boys will tomorrow. To thwart our dictatorial selves, the boys are formulating intricate plans to purchase their Very Own Computer Of Their Own That Mom and Dad Cannot Use But Only The Boys and No-one Else. Period. So I guess that sums it all up.

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