Monday, July 10, 2006

I had the very simple task today of depositing money in the Mexican bank account of someone who lives in this box (well, not really) and making a call to an RV store in Monterrey. Doesn’t sound like brain surgery, does it? On the way to town, I heard a loud hissing from a rear tire. Our tires are monstrous affairs, but Jamie and I changed one somewhere between Mil Cumbres and somewhere else and I knew pretty much where everything went, AND being right off a busy two lane highway, figured I’d be helped in no time flat. I got the rapidly deflating tire off without a hitch and was trying to figure out how to descend the spare from under the rear of the van when two Samaritans stopped and would not allow me to do anything further. They changed the tire and helped me remember how to descend the spare. The jack, however, refused to cooperate in descending or ascending; it was horribly stuck on the axle with the tire in the air. The two men were adamant that I HAD to drive off the jack and though I cringed at the thought; imagining a broken axle, I agreed. I couldn’t go forward, so they hammered the rocks (now stuck) under the tires (to keep the van from rolling in an unforeseen accident) away from the tires and I was able to move forward but the jack was now useless. I was certain that I’d find someone in Mexico to fix it; I’m so jonsing for the typical fix a transmission with a “paper clip and band aid” that you hear about so frequently, but I was once again to be denied.

Off we headed to town; with our errands increased by (what I thought would be) one more task. I was successful, with absolutely NO incidents (which, I just might consider now to be success; if something can happen (or not) without incident) in getting the driver’s mirror completely replaced. I was astounded at the care and time he took; some 45 minutes to remove the cracked mirror, cut a new one, install the new one, affix the blind spot mirror to the new one and relieve us of the amazing sum of only 80 pesos.

We parked at the Mega store to avail ourselves of the 2 hours free (for 100 pesos of shopping) and headed out to find the Banorte. I wasn’t the least bit surprised to find 2 Bancomer, 2 Serander Serafin, 2 HSBC and a Banamex as well as one I’ve never heard of, before we FINALLY found the Banorte. Sissy and I had stopped for bolsas of agua de alfalfa and by the time we were standing in line at the bank, we needed to be hopping and dancing in line. The transaction was amazingly simple; I gave the account number, she found it immediately on the computer, I handed over the money and she gave me a receipt. Chris, if you read this, you should have your money, and again, thank you so much for the controller.

Back, Sissy and headed for a sanitario (bathroom) at the Mega store, did some quick shopping and lunch purchases and off to the vulcanizadora (tire fixing place). Trying to lower the thingie (don’t you LOVE when I talk technical?) that holds the spare, I found it simply would not lower. I finally got it 1/2 way down when the men fixing and changin the tire were done and helped. Some 30 minutes later we got it down and the spare back up, but I don’t think it will lower again. The tire fix and all labor was a measly $120 pesos.

So, all the fixing was amazingly cheap; $80 for a new custom cut mirror, $120 for a tire fix and labor to work on the spare mechanism, but we now have a busted jack, a busted jack handle (that also works the spare mechanism) and a busted spare mechanism. Course, the maestro at the vulcanizadora offered to fix it for $100 (pesos). So, I guess I’m still ahead. Figuratively.

I almost forgot the Most Excellent News of the day.  Course, it could be TMI for anyone but myself.  Ever since we got to Guanajuato, some 3 or more weeks ago, I’ve been fighting and fighting parasites with garlic.  Garlic has been magical in the past, but it just wasn’t putting these parasites out to lunch, so to speak.  Finally, yesterday, I gave in to Flagyl and the difference is amazing.  I have a metallic taste in my mouth (typical side effect) but my gut is finally free!  The pain in my gut and other regions is gone and I just might be able to exist without having a sanitario within running distance.  I feel almost reborn.  Now, if I could just figure out how to avoid the damn parasites in the first place!

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