Monday, May 23, 2005

jesse, not to be outdone

Well, for one thing, I don’t particularly like baseball, but I do like balls and trying to throw it into stuff. And I like trying to hit stuff with bats and stuff but I don’t have a real bat so I need to hit it with thick sticks and stuff. Or a broken hammer.

Well, I do like legos but I don’t get just one kind. I get all sorts of stuff. Harry potter legos, Star Wars legos and kinda original sets and stuff. We don’t go to Mc Donalds because um, well, (”mom is it just because they treat their animals bad and they don’t treat their treat their workers and pay them well?”) they have created an industry that creates a demand for in-humanely treated animals. My favorite foods are macaroni and cheese or just plain pasta with tomato sauce and cheese, I like salad. Do they have a Chevy’s where you live? Because their burritos there are really good. The bean and cheese ones. And their tortillas. In San Felipe where we were about 3 months ago, they had huge tacos with tortillas maybe a little smaller than a dinner plate. The most of them I ever ate was four. And I also like sweets too, pretty much every kind, except I don’t like chili much. Where you live, is chili a common dish? Because in CA, it isn’t. At least in the Bay Area where we used to live it isn’t. And I don’t really like chilis in candy either [in Mexico, it is very common to have spicy chilis in candy].

I also really like beanie babies. My favorite beanie baby that I ever had was called Mrs. Hunnybear. But that was just what I called her. She had another name on the tag but I forgot what it was but I think I’ll probably remember it sometime soon. I got it on a day I thought I lost a beanie baby from “Winnie the Pooh” called “Piglet”. And there was some women cleaning out the garage and I asked them if they had seen it or found it at all the woman said “no, but I have a large collection of pigs. I know how it is to loose one of my favorite pigs” and she brought out the ones that were most likely, but I liked them but none were the kind that I had so she said her mother had a store called “Remember When” in Fremont (thats where we were at the time). We had seen the store before but never gone inside so we went to the store and we found the Mrs. Hunneybears. We couldn’t find piglet (that’s what the pig was called) so we chose out the 2 yellow bears called Mrs. Hunnybear but at a campgound in Mexico (Ixtapan del Oro) we left them alone for a moment (the Mrs Hunnybears) and we came back and they weren’t there. We looked everywhere but we couldn’t find them, so and we couldn’t find any trace so we assumed they were stolen and we think they probably were.
Our trailer consists of there’s the big um, kitchen/livingroom, and there’s a door leading into our room, mine and Pike’s. We have our own bunkbed each; a top and a bottom bunk each. On each wall there’s a bunk; we use our bottom one for sleeping and our top bunks we play on. I like reading alot; I brought a small collection of Goosebumps books along and some mystery stories.

There are 6 people in our family. Our Dad and Mom, their real names are Jamie and Kitty; actually Jamie and Kathleen but Kitty is Mom’s nickname. And then there’s me and Pike; his real name’s Parker but his nickname’s Pike and my nickname’s Jess, but it’s really Jesse. And then there’s our 5 year old sister. A few days ago she learned to draw pretty good horses. And also she really likes them so she has a small collection of horses and a large one big enough to sit on and a doll named Sally. Sometimes she’s really fun to play with and sometimes she’s really annoying; it has its ups and downs; probably like your 4 year old brother that you mentioned. Me and Pike, just yesterday got a new tape player. But it also has MP3 playing capabilies that’s when you burn a CD on the computer you can play it and on the top it has a CD player. And then there’s the radio. It has two radio wavelengths; AM and FM. And an antenae like most radios have. And we each have a pair of walkman stereos.

I really like capturing their conversations…

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