Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Site tweaking

I’m done for the night. So far, I like this tweaked theme the best. I need to get rid of the flowers and figure out how to make the links (link 1,2,3,4) work, but that can wait.

This afternoon the boys and I headed out to the reef for our daily constitutional. I so wish I had some way to capture them on film. The swim to the reef is quite a nice little distance, and a bit difficult to get back from if it is choppy. The boys are so adept at snorkeling now - they can dive down and come back up spouting like little whales. We didn’t see too many fish today, but we saw the normal varieties. When we got to the reef there was a HUGE school of yellow-orange colored fish hanging in the crevices of the reef and hiding two very brilliant red fish. They swayed back and forth the with movement of the water. The boys dived down (the water wasn’t more than 10ft deep) over and over again and we hung out watching the fishies.

Tomorrow we hope to go down the coast a bit or maybe to Chichen Itza. I’m dreading going to the ruins because I know the girls won’t enjoy it and it will mean 6 hours in the car (ida y vuelta). It feels like a disaster waiting to happen. I’d like to convince Jamie to skip it - that it isn’t worth the disruption to the family, but who knows…

Tomorrow I also hope to have at least ONE theme working. Eventually, I’d like to have a little dialog box or something like that to allow the reader to pick their theme. I’ve seen it done; I just need to figure out how to incorporate it.

No pictures for now… oh golly! it looks like I need to find a spell check plugin…

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