central library minneapolis 007 The central library in Minneapolis is stunning beyond words. We spent many hours there yesterday and went back for another dose today. I actually got a good exposure to many of the libraries; I hit Northeast, Sumner, one in the SE (Hosmer), Central and Franklin. If Lynden Hills were open I would have hit it. I was able to score 8 museum passes with my sister’s library card (thus the need to hit so many branches). We’ve finally started leaving the house after spending what seemed like too many days without getting out at all. Tomorrow we visit my good friend, Bonny (whom I have never met), Thursday to the Mall of America or and Friday we’ll probably head to the Science Museum I killed myself getting passes for.

Minneapolis is a really easy city to get around in. The downtown is easy to see and head for should you get lost coming home, say, from the library only a 1/2 hour WALK from your sister’s house. I’m already feeling very comfortable with the city but we still need to hit Trader Joes and I don’t think we’ve yet been to that part of town. I’m thinking that is SW. And there is so much to do here and many opportunities for freebies. I got $8 coupons from a convenience store for the Mall of America. I would totally consider living here, were it about 1000 miles to the south.

This weather is insane in the winter and I keep reading advertisments saying, “No mosquitoes” (indoor). So I can only assume that the mozzies are a force to be reckoned with in the summer.
Today I took my first Ashtanga primary class. It was a very different experience. Ever since I began doing Yoga I’ve been reading my friend Julie’s blog (I’ve actually met her) and reading of her deep and moving experiences with Ashtanga. I don’t get that with my home practice and didn’t get anything but a workout from the Green Bay class I took. I’ve never really experienced the mindful part of Yoga but today something was different. Interesting. Still processing. It was a 10 o’clock class and coming out, I felt like it was late afternoon. Weird. I don’t do the chanting or invocations; just doesn’t feel right. If I can still function tomorrow (I’m not more sore than normal yet) I’ll try a class tomorrow evening and then again on Sunday.