Monday, November 13, 2006

we're FREEZING up here!

Sleepyheads Jody has asked anyone with kids to link to Kyle’s video and spread the word that a 5pt harness is safer than a booster. Here is Kyle’s video and a picture of my kids. Sissy has upgraded to a Britax SE (from the pictured Marathon) and Ellen is using her Marathon (we sold the Roundabout) so we are now a 3 Britax SE and 1 Britax Marathon family. I’ll weigh the boys tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure they’re still under 80lb.
It has been very hard to get the kids to leave the house. I don’t know if it is the plethora of games and books or incredible company (cousins) or massive amounts of room, but they are all four loathe to leave. Uncle Slade gave Jamie and I a wonderful tour of the town today and we saw more beautiful homes than I ever imagined existed. Living so long on the left coast, I think we figured all towns were like ours; some beautiful architecture here and there but really rare. The further east we came the more innundated the towns were with amazing homes; block after block in town after town, and we decided today that this is the norm in the midwest. Incredibly beautiful homes with gorgeous “bones” and stunning architecture that would make any Bay Area home buyer drool with envy.

We somehow managed to drag the kids to the Minneapolis Institue of Art where Pike was mesmorized by a still life of fruit. I also came to the realization that the boys’ carseats (Britax SE’s) are now too small as they tip the scales at 85 and 83lb. Just two years ago they were in the 65lb range. How they have grown! So I’m researching alternatives but the possibility exists that their seats are good to 105lb (which is what I remember from when I bought them).
institute of art 008
We have all found Uncle Slade to be such a most excellent cook that Ellen and Jesse, who previously found air to be a wonderful souce of fuel (instead of actual food) have been eating real food! Ellen has actually been eating all day and just before bed, completely blowing me away. One of the first things that Michelle and I talked about was Ellen’s lack of appetite and thankfully, she is making a liar out of me.

Rattling around the mansion in Minneapolis is getting weary for Jamie and I so we’ve decided to try to lure the kids out. Michelle can get museum passes for the kids at her library, so we’ll try that and I have found a wonderful Yoga studio which Michelle assures me is just around the corner. So there is always that.

There is so much going on in this town, but the cold is simply amazingly cold. And a little too cold at that.

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