Friday, October 6, 2006

Ameri-Camp rocks our world!!

shipshewana 038 Ameri-Camp ended up footing the entire bill at the Oakwood Inn. I was absolutely astounded and shocked. According to the front desk, they do this for all their customers who bring units in for service. Just reason number 308,743 to buy AmeriCamp. We slept in so late this morning it wasn’t funny. Two days ago we had a factory tour at AmeriCamp and were up early (8am) for that and I have no idea WHY we got up early yesterday, but we made up this morning. We were rushing around trying to meet the 11am checkout time, pack, draw bath #87,641 for the girls (to be honest, the heat hadn’t been turned on at the Inn and the only way to stay warm was in the gigantic bathtub or under covers), do a load of laundry and pick up the trailer (at 11am, natch). I left Jamie at the hotel after packing almost all up and picked up the trailer. I was astounded at the work they did. We complained about the screening coming out of the door; they replaced the ENTIRE DOOR. I complained about the insulating sheathing coming apart on the electrical cord; the replaced the ENTIRE CORD. We complained about two little guides not working on the bedroom window; the replaced the ENTIRE WINDOW with a new, updated model. I could go on, but I’m sure you get the drift. They found stuff that we didn’t even complain about and fixed it! We got a brand new awning (not under warranty; the way that awnings warranties are written, I think it is about impossible to get one replaced under warranty) and love the new one. I think it is a better and stronger awning but we’ll see what Mexico has to say about it. I can’t make any complaints about their service; they went above and beyond. We stopped by to say goodbye and thank them for picking up the hotel bill and found another AmeriCamp owner in the yard who recognized our rig, knew about the website (HI! Nice man! Sorry I forgot your name) and said a lot of the reason he bought AmeriCamp was due to our experience with it. So, if you’re in the market, you can’t go wrong with AmeriCamp. We have never had a poor experience with them. Truly, they are the best. And if you get the chance, stop by Syracuse and visit them. They’ll go out of their way to please you. We’re still astounded by their excellent service.

So, we headed not too far up the road to Benton or Benson or some tiny town a little south of Goshen and tomorrow will go a bit more north to Middlesomething to a Mill. Or maybe we’ll stay here. We’re at a spillway on the Elkhart river and Pikey is certain to get some fishing in. The moon is enormously full and we are loving the Amish country. I really need to post about the fun we’ve had here in northern Indiana, but I need to sleep more. Maybe tomorrow.

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