Monday, October 16, 2006

Growing roots

fall colors 040-1 We had planned to leave last Friday, waiting out winds and snow the previous two days but when we tried to put the slide in it would come in about an inch, no more. We tried all our normal tricks (we’ve had trouble with the slide since purchase) but it was no-go. We had really enjoyed our newly working slide after it got fixed at the factory but it sure was coming in a LOT differently than before. We’ve used the slide many times since leaving the factory without incident, so this was a surprise. We called the factory and they suggested doing the manual crank. Trying this resulted in horrifically bent metal beneath the entire slide. So we were most definitely stuck. You can’t travel with the slide out. AmeriCamp promised to send someone from the factory (luckilly, we’re still very close to Syracuse) out today; simply to get the slide IN. Once the slide is in, we’ll take it back to Syracuse, drop it at the factory, head to the Oakwood (again!!) and wait for repairs. So, that is where we sit. I’m beginning to think we’re the only family who can take a week to travel through Kansas and two weeks to traverse Indiana.

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