Thursday, October 12, 2006

Real estate p0rn

This is one of the reasons we’re going “SCHWIIIIINGG” at the homes out here… Here is another; Jamie and I are crying about this one… This has lovely acerage and we love the town of Bristol… Here is another lovely Bristol home… My heart about stopped looking at this house… And if this is what they consider a “starter” home in Nappanee, well, you can just shoot me now.

It snowed today; weird for me, because I expect different weather for snow, having been in snow about twice in my adult life. It would be sunny and blue skied and snow coming sideways (due to incredible wind), then black clouds and lots of snow, the sunny and blue and snow all gone. Weird. We spent the afternoon at the Bristol thriftstore getting coats for the girls, mittens and hats for everyone and boots for the boys. I think we’re now ready for our month of cold.

After perusing a few more real estate listings, I have come to the conclusion that Jamie and I should most definitely, stay Very Far Away from Elkhart. Otherwise, we might be spending the winter in a gorgeous old farmhouse. Something like THIS one. I wonder if we could move this one to Chama?

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