Thursday, November 17, 2005

I amn't!

That is Ellen’s new favorite phrase. Makes sense, if you can be “I am” and you are not, you certainly could be “I amn’t”. This is pretty much going to be a yoga post, so go ahead and skip over it. I think I’m going to have to set up a seperate blog for Yoga but honestly, this is supposed to be for me and the kids, so who knows…

Today I definitely got “lift-off” in Tolasana. I’m not in Lotus, or even 1/2 Lotus; just cross-legged and trying to lift my ass off the ground. Go ahead; sounds easy, doesn’t it? Try it. I’ll wait.

How did it go? Harder than it sounded? This is the LAST pose in the series. You’d think that they’d end it off with something nice and easy and relaxing, wouldn’t you? Something to sink into and rest? Nope. I’m getting deeper into my poses and finding that I am, on occasion, able to “surf” the asana (ala David Swenson). Yesterday the wind was blowing like no-one’s business and I just couldn’t get into the practice. I stopped at least twice in Sun Salutations but convinced myself to continue but it was the first absolutely half-hearted practice I’ve had. It was terribly hard to concentrate; the wind was blowing gale-force and I was slipping and sliding everywhere.

Today was so different I don’t think I could even call what I did yesterday “yoga”. I was inside the trailer and did some preparatory poses to prep my brain so I wouldn’t have to refer to The Book so often. I wasn’t even going to practice today; my Achilles must have been really strained yesterday as I was barely able to walk this morning. I really missed it though. I had convinced myself not to practice but after coffee (I usually drink/eat nothing before practice) I was musing over The Book and decided to try a couple things; just to work over some poses, and before I knew it, I was starting a practice. So go figure. This is something that very strangely REALLY resonates with me. I like it on an emotional and physical level.

A disturbing side-effect of Yoga is that I no longer crave coffee like before. I absolutely ADORE coffee, so as you can imagine, this is VERY disturbing. I had two cups today after having none yesterday, so perhaps not all is lost.

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