Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I love Mexico; why does she hurt me so?

Once again, I’m doing electrolytes (chicken bullion and water with sugar as I cannot STAND the taste of Pedialyte) and I’m absolutely CHAINED to the toilet. You really don’t want to know more than that. The first two days weren’t that bad but the last three have been hellish. The stomach cramping, the issuance that can’t even be described as “D” but fiery burning and completely liquid. Today we found a clinic for Jamie. Ever since he had typhoid (May? of this year) he feels his digestive tract was never the same. I’ve read that about typhoid, but he thinks it is something so he finally gave the OK to start finding out what it could be. When we were in Dolores he was tested for parasites and typhoid and was negative, so we’re pretty sure it isn’t that. Parasites are REALLY obvious signs and typhoid is also REALLY obvious. Kind of like labor. If you have to ask, you know you don’t have it.

So he isn’t on top of the world, but mostly a feeling of disquiet; like something that he can’t put his finger on is wrong. Here in San Felipe, they have the “American” clinic. USD30 for a consult and while that is so much higher than the mainland (the clinic in Dolores Hidalgo, while not an “American” clinic, was a private and good clinic, only charged USD5), it can’t even begin to compare to what we would find in the US. He has an appointment on Wednesday and tomorrow I head to the laboratorio to find out what the hell is bugging me (and you can bet, it will be a bug). It is so nice to simply be able to go to a laboratory, tell them the tests you want, they do them, and THE VERY SAME DAY (at least in the mainland) they give you the results. I’m thinking I have parasites (again) and if not, will simply get Lomotil (or something like it), more probotics and hope for the best.

My folks are headed to El Centro to pick up Thanksgiving fixings as they plan to celebrate the holiday Mexico or no Mexico. No-one has an oven that will fit a turkey, so I think they’re planning on a couple ovens doing turkey breasts. At any rate, I’ve been so out of comission I don’t even know what is planned. The kids are excited at the possibility of partaking of many varieties of food.

We are planning on heading up to Yuma and San Diego to pick up technology items that we’ve had shipped there on the weekend, but we’ll see what happens. We might be down here for a while…

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