Saturday, November 26, 2005

THEY'RE on the road

Mom and Dad left this morning headed for the Bay Area. Our plans change like the wind. We had planned to go back to the Bay Area until after the New Year, then changed that to go to El Requeson until Christmas (then back to the Bay Area), then to go to the Bay Area for a week and then down to Oaxaca, then well, we don’t know. Right now, our plans are to head to Yuma on Monday (or tomorrow) to pick up our new Internet satellite dish. Then we head to San Diego to pick up stuff we had shipped there (and a carseat I bought eons ago for Ellen). Then, well, our plans peter out. We know we’ll be back in the Bay Area so the boys and Drew can get together for a week and the kids REALLY want to spend Christmas there, but the adults want to high-tail it for the Mexican Pacific coast. We’ll see.

It was hard to see Mom and Dad leave, but we know we’ll see them soon. I don’t know if it will be possible to pepper this post with the pictures I want to, but I’ll try. If not, check Flickr. I installed it on each theme except the B one. What the hell is it called? Oh! Benevolence. I think. I’m recovering and Jamie is feeling much better. We’ll figure him out soon; his prostrate looks good; he doesn’t have parasites, but his tummy bugs him. So we’ll see.

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