Monday, November 28, 2005

on the beach

After last night, I don’t think I’ll ever complain about drunk Canadians. To be perfectly honest, the DC’s and DA’s have been really quiet and calm this winter. Both Jamie and I have been pleasantly surprised by the lack of noise and partay. There is usually a campfire and drinking but the noise stops at a very reasonable hour and it has been quite pleasant. It is still really loud in camp; noise from the town and firecrackers and simple goings on. Jamie and I have been quite spoilt by the empty camps we found all over the mainland and have had us longing for El Requesón; a spit of water along the Bahía de Concepción.

I guess we didn’t appreciate the lack of general noise. About 1:00 this morning, a young(er) man who had been staying in a trailer close behind ours came hone in a belligerent mood. Coming home from a hard night of drinking in town, he began to yell and swear at his trailer-mate, waking everyone within a 10km radius. They burst out of the trailer, yelling and egging each other on. I was astonished to hear the unmistakable sound of punches landing and bodies thumping on ground and other campers vehicles. One of them started yelling about a gash to the head and I honestly started to worry about OUR safety. I honestly didn’t care much about the fighters; I just wanted peace and calm to resume. They continued fighting, yelling and there was only one adjective used; you can imagine what it was, though I did learn a new one, “cck fck”. Finally, someone called the police who must have scared the boys enough with nightmares of Mexican jails and they kept the fight inside their trailer. I’m not sure, but I think the police might have told them to stay inside the trailer. They took that suggestion to heart as we then heard glass and other sundry items breaking in the trailer. The door was slammed repeatedly. They finally relegated the fight to lower tones and eventually we heard laughing. I was astounded that they could be beating each other’s brains out one minute and 30 minutes later laughing. They left early this morning, half-heartedly continuing to berate each other.

The wind whipped up last night and by morning, there were 10 shrimp boats in “our”cove. Camp really emptied out today and Mom and Dad’s old spot against the sea opened up. I have always loved that spot and with (big) Jesse’s help (not my son) I was able to back out of our spot and up against the beach. Only took about two hours. Piece of cake. We will stay here tonight and tomorrow night, leave Tuesday for Yuma; head over to San Diego; back to San Felipe (and hopefully a camp just as empty as today) and hang out here for a couple weeks before heading back to the Bay Area for Christmas. After Christmas we’ll head for the Pacific coast of the mainland.

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