Wednesday, November 23, 2005

organic mushrooms

Every time I post about our intestinal upsets in Mexico I feel like I’m single-handedly destroying the tourist economy. Even the lab technician said that to avoid parasites, you pretty much have to never eat out. Even then…

So, yeah, I have not only parasites (E Histolytica to be specific) but a raging case of mushrooms. Well, not exactly mushrooms, but that is the literal translation. Makes it much funnier than “yeast galloping madly through your intestines”. Mexican medical care is so much more civilized than the US. I suspected parasites, went to the lab, handed in my sample and at the end of the day got my results. I have some anti-aemoba drugs left over from Dolores (we got them for Jamie but it turned out he didn’t have parasites) and I’ve already started. I’ll head to the clinic tomorrow to verify the drug and dosage with a doctor and see what he thinks about the mushrooms but I’m hoping to be on the mend. To stop the viscious D I stopped eating, drinking only chicken bullion and sugar water ocassionally as even that would trigger D. It will be a very light TDay for me tomorrow, but at least I can work on it now. I think from now on, instead of trying to wait out tummy trouble, I’m heading direct to the lab. I’m now really weak and tire easy after almost a solid week of viscious D. I guess not eating doesn’t help.

We saw a doctor at the “American Hospital” today for Jamie’s complaint. He suspects an enlarged prostrate and Jamie had his PSA today. We’ll get those results tomorrow. The doctor spoke fluent English and thinks Jamie’s tummy trouble is completely un-related to the typhoid, even though it was after his typhoid that he started noticing problems. So tomorrow we get the results of his PSA, he’ll have a parasite check also (he was tested in Dolores and was negative so I expect this will be the same but we’ve already paid for the test) and see what comes up. We’ve been googling “enlarged prostrate” like mad and it looks pretty normal and uneventful.

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