Thursday, December 15, 2005

fruit bats

I can’t believe how much fruit these kids go through. I could swear I bought $20 of fruit yesterday but today I made a note. I bought bananas, guayabas, mandarinas, avocado and tomates; 7 kilos worth. We’ll see what is left by tomorrow afternoon. I know Deb will not be the least bit amazed after she saw them power through nectarines, peaches and plums at her house. The kids are dying to see Deb’s kids again.

We made tamales today and while I thought I had a steamer insert for a pan, apparently I do not. We made do with sardine cans (for support) and a pie plate but will definitely HAVE to get an insert. Everyone LOVED the tamales and for Jesse, who exists solely on salad, PB&J and bananas, it was quite a coup. Ellen and I did the shopping today; panaderia for bread, downtown for Ellen to buy Becky and Catie a Christmas present, abarrote for corn husks and fruit, another abarrote for fruit and other groceries, carniceria for meat, another abarrote for yogurt, novedades to look for a steamer insert and by the 2nd abarrote she was DONE. I brought her back to camp after refusing to buy her yet another treat and she collapsed in anger and headed back out again. I really miss the municipal markets of mainland Mexico where you can hit a panaderia, carniceria, cremeria, fruiteria, etc. all in the same building, and get lunch while you’re at it. She and Pike were great helpers making the tamales though, and while they are somewhat labor-intensive, they will be a staple from here out.

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