Monday, December 19, 2005

leaving Las Vegas

It has really been an awful week. Jamie and I got a weird back thing (I think mine was started by badly done yoga) that put both of us prone on the bed for a couple days. Luckily, we were able to stagger the days we were down. I have stopped doing Yoga to let my body recover and am really missing the daily practice. It was so weird for both of us to have done nothing in common and right after I started recovering, he was affected. Too weird.

We are completely and utterly hooked on “Six Feet Under”. Unfortunately, we have to wait til all the kids are asleep to watch it and this means that we are regularly up until 2am. We’ve got to find another solution. I’m pretty sure, from doctor visits and Internet research, that Jamie has Prostatitis. I found a really good support website and have a plan. The antibiotics don’t seem to have helped him with the majority of his symptoms but that seems typical for this condition. He’s going to have a urine culture and a DRE (just can’t get enough of those) for a second opinion on enlargment (thus far, he has been found to be inflamed but not enlarged, which is an important distinction). We’re hoping that bioflavanoids ((Prosta-Q) will be the “magic” cure it has been for many other men, but have a laundry list of many other treatments. For many men, this is a chronic condition that they simply “deal with” until they find a treatment (some pharmacutical, others dietic) that works. I am hopeful

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