Thursday, December 8, 2005

health and projects

We saw a different doctor today for Jamie. We were really in some kind of limbo not knowing what should be done. The one doc said to get parasite test, PSA and maybe colonscopy and did little on the examining side. All those tests (except the colonoscopy) were negative and the doc kinda left us hanging. I have been having trouble sleeping as I felt we really needed to do something but was at a loss as to what. I looked into getting US insurance, to emailing urologists, to harassing “friends” to ask a relative MD what they thought. Finally I decided to go back to the hospital and ask to see the doctor. He was on vacation but the colonoscopy guy would be in the next day (today). He is also about 100 pesos cheaper than the first doctor. When the first doc suggested a PSA we did a lot of Internet research and wondered why the doc never did a DRE. (I’m not going to define that for you; if you don’t know what it is, you don’t want to. Believe me.) Kind of a nagging question in my mind.

So off we tramped to the hospital this morning; kids with their Knex, books and Ellen with a headphone and cassette of Fairytales. Ellen in a sundress and Jesse dressed for the snow. These kids… Colon doc looks to be all of 16. He claims to be 32 but I had my doubts. He is also drop dead gorgeous. He listens to the whole history and asks if doc 1 did a DRE. He insists on doing one; he is homing in on the problem. After Jamie about faints with pain from the DRE doc is almost certain Jamie’s trouble is infected prostrate. He gave us a receta for a VERY EXPENSIVE antibiotic and 2 weeks worth turned out to be some 800 pesos. At least he warned us. He seems very confident that this is a simple infected and inflamed prostrate and Jamie should be feeling much better in a week. So think of him, will you? He was a wonderful doc; English was pretty good and I supplemented with Spanish. He took a lot of time with us; even when a nurse interrupted that a surgery was planned and upcoming he said he’d be ready and never rushed us; listened and waited until we were perfectly comfortable.

We’ve been doing some trailer projects; Jamie installed connectors in the cargo “basement” so we can close the cargo doors and still have Internet connection (tripod is outside). He also replaced the rails on 3 drawers and man oh man, are we SO EXCITED about having drawers that work! I can’t tell you how nice it is after so many months of crappy working drawers.

So, lots of minutia and not much substance. But my brain is pretty empty most of the time anyway. We hope to move to a more deserted area outside town where it will be more quiet or maybe we’ll head over Ensenada way before heading up to the Bay Area for Christmas.

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