Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Virgin of Guadalupe

Yesterday was the feast day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Each and every Baja town has a shrine to the Virgin. Along the highways in Baja and mainland Mexico you will see very many shrines. Yesterday was her feast day and it was celebrated well here in San Felipe. The wind has been absolutely still for the past few days and the kids love the still water on the beach. The day after they spent the entire day inside, they spent the entire day outside. Seems to even out.

A contingent of pangas left the marina and headed right to our camp beach for one of the many stops to celebrate the virgin’s day. A priest was in the decorated boat and you could hear the boats coming closer and closer by the loudness of his prayer. After visiting the small shrine erected on the beach, the boats left and headed out to the middle of the cove and then back to the marina. Of course, it could not have been a fiesta without constant firecrackers and the dogs barked and howled for hours.
It has been gloomy and overcast for what seems like days; when will the sun return? I can’t imagine living in snow…

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