Thursday, December 8, 2005

pining for the heat

Only because we’re FREEZING here in San Felipe. We are loathe to head north to spend Christmas in the Bay Area. I’m trying to do some data entry and Jamie keeps rattling off temperatures. “Guess what today’s high in Loreto was?” I guess 80F. He says it was 90F (32C). He then checks the rest of the country and finds 80’s to 90’s from La Paz (Baja) to Guanajuato (mainland). I can’t believe it is so warm as Guanajuato is in the highlands and it should be cold there. But he is insistant. Guess what we’ll be doing once we find the heat? Did you figure it out? We’ll be pining for the TEMPERATE weather. Just can’t be satisfied. Sure makes me want to hightail it to El Requeson though…

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