Friday, December 9, 2005

it's the missing La Rue!

Is there some genetic and age defect that makes me the only person in the entire family capable of cooking and doing dishes? Why is that always MY job? I do all the negotiating (Spanish), purchasing, cooking and dishes. Someone tell me how it is physically impossible for anyone else to do this? After some 12 years, Jamie is starting to get on my very last nerve. His little idiosyncrasies, his little ways of doing things, his little habits; I know each and every one of them and they, all 2,847,091 of them, are driving me stark raving mad. Did you know the man is afraid of mice? More on that later. (the title might start to make sense to some…) I wonder if I’m PMS’ing…

We were on a mission today. Late last night, Jamie and I were awakened by a rattling. Like a rock being rolled along the floor, I couldn’t figure out what the noise was, but it started on one side of the trailer and moved to the other. When the noise started directly for my room, I sat up and turned on the light. “Jamie!”, I hissed in a loud whisper, “did you hear that?” He roused himself and said it was coming from the outside. “No way! It is coming right FOR ME”. He dragged himself out of bed and saw a tiny toy on the ground right in front of my bed. We both, groggy with sleep, but probably would not have been quicker with more sleep, confusedly stared at each other like the answer would magically appear on the other’s forehead. No such luck. Before we could stop puzzling, however, a small mouse darted out from its hiding place. Jamie SHRIEKED and jumped up on the sofa bed and I, blind without contacts, asked, “what? What was that? A cockroach?”. We spent the next few hours dozing, listening for the noise and staring wide-eyed at the black ceiling. I did a LOT more dozing than poor Jamie. He wouldn’t come to my bed; he really thought he could catch the creature.

Morning dawned and coffee performed its magic and we discussed the situation with the kids. Each and every one of them adamantly demanded that the mouse be treated humanely. I think they think they have a pet. Ugh. So, off to the brilliance of The Internet we headed and found this guy. We borrowed necessary materials and scrounged the rest. Hopefully, we’ve built a mousetrap. We left the trailer after lunch and hoped to lure mousy out with a quiet trailer while we cavorted in the dunes south of town. I had hoped to score some shrimp as we have been shrimpless since we arrived and unless some shrimpermen go out and BRING SHRIMP BACK TO TOWN, there may be mayhem soon. We’re starting to develop tics from the long shrimp drought. Coming back from the dunes, we hit 3 different pescaderias and not one had the curly god.

Have you figured out the title? It is from “Mouse Hunt”. The kids LOVE this movie and all morning, while researching and creating our trap, we were humming the soundtrack. I uploaded some pictures from today at Flickr.

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