Monday, February 20, 2006


We alternate between sadness and excitement here in Alamos. We LOVE the rancho we’re staying at and the lady who runs it. She and her husband bought the place some 50 years ago. He was a mountain biker way before the bikes were built. They have some 2000+ acres here and it is getting too much for her so she is selling the ranch. Her husband died and it seems that either she didn’t have children or they aren’t close. She doesn’t know what she’ll do or where she’ll go after the ranch is sold. It is so sweet and sad and I want to stay here with her and buy her ranch and raise the kids here (goats, horses, chickens and cows, oh my!) but we have our own journey. She is such a sweet lonely old lady. I so wish we could do something concrete.

Jamie has been bewitched by Alamos. I like it; I like it a LOT, but, I don’t know. They say you should rent a good year before even thinking of purchasing but he was hot and heavy all over the Bienes Raices (Real Estate) offices today, trying to get inside a house. The town seems to be somewhat unique in the culture provided, the very small feel (it IS a small town) and the incredibly lovely setting. We found a West African restaurant - something I didn’t think existed anywhere outside DF (Mexico City). Hell, I don’t know if there is a West African restaurant IN DF. The guy who owns (and operates, along with his employee, the cook) the place is a retired Safari operator who, driven out by war and danger, came to Alamos and opened a restaurant. He thinks that when the situation recovers in Africa (was it Sierra Leone?), he’ll go back there and open a Mexican restaurant! I never got to ask, Why Alamos?

Today was a very typical Sunday in a small sleepy Mexican town. By late afternoon, everyone was out at one plaza or another, strolling, people watching, sitting in bars or cafes and letting the afternoon slowly pass. The market along the arroyo was full to bursting but I wasn’t able to shop due to cranky (hungry) kids and Jamie intent on seeing the inside of SOME house. We’re staying at least another day; Jamie has another road to ride, the kids have MUCH more playing to do and I’d love another stroll about town, poking my head here and there, discovering treasure after treasure. Lots of pics in Flickr; enjoy.

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