Sunday, February 26, 2006

sick humans and machines

Jesse has been sick with tummy trouble for a few days. He’s been sick 4 nights and 3 days. Yesterday I was torn between Malaria (we’ve been around mozzies even though they aren’t in the Malaria areas), Typhoid, parasites or vanilla stomach flu. He hasn’t eaten for all 3 of the days and really doesn’t have the weight to support that type of diet. Quite the opposite, in fact.

We’ve been giving him Cytomax (a cycling electrolyte drink) and Ensure for nourishment but might have turned the corner today. I’d remembered reading that raw garlic was anti-parasitical so first thing today we started him on raw garlic and Pediasure. He has responded really well and is very much beginning to turn around. Raw garlic never ceases to surprise me with it’s magical prowess at curing our ills.

Not to be left out, the van has developed something wrong with the fuel system. We think. After dragging the trailer out of the deep sand (with the road I’d constructed with planks and bricks) we got an error on the console “Service Engine Soon” and it seemed to run really rough. We’ve changed the fuel filter and filled with new diesel and are still stumped. Tomorrow we will find a Ford dealership to figure out what code the van is throwing and what we can do. For now, between sick boy and sick machine, we’ll be here probably another week. Not a bad place to be stuck. Yoga on the beach; lovely sunsets and fresh fish. We’re hoping to get shrimp before the season closes.

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