Saturday, February 4, 2006

That’s what I call NonStick!

So I finally convinced Jamie to get rid of the Teflon and plastic in the trailer. Course, it wasn’t ME, I’ve been talking myself blue on this subject, it was an email from my mom. I’m sure there is a reason that I’m simply not a credible source of information; am I just too wacky in general for him? So, yesterday we got rid of the Teflon pans (yes, one was brand new that he bought instead of the cast iron I asked him to buy) and purchased a new cast iron pan. I also got a Pyrex lasagne pan to replace our oven-proof plastic pans and two glass bowls to use in the microwave. Today, after explaining to the kids that plastic no longer belongs in the microwave, Pike asked if he was going to die. I told him, “of course; everyone dies sometime” but he was specifically worried he’d die as a kid from cancer. I sure hope he hasn’t been reading the cancer blogs like I was.

Yesterday we took a tour of Yuma and the surrounding area. We didn’t PLAN a tour; we normally visit the farmland area north of Yuma on the way into town but this time we were actually looking for a diesel mechanic. The ONLY one in the area, apparently. While this area swells to bursting with snowbirds driving diesel trucks in the winter, they apparently get no servicing done on them in Yuma as everyone we asked said they get servicing done before they head south. The only diesel mechanic we could find gave us such awful directions to his shop that I seriously wonder if he purposely intended to lead us astray. Still, we had a thorough tour of lettuce, spinach, cauliflower, and what we think might have been chard. Being a bleeding heart liberal, I took photos mainly of the farmworkers. It was 86 degrees yesterday; I can only imagine that the reason they are so bundled up is for protection.

It has slowly been getting warmer and warmer; I was not the least bit surprised to find the thermometer at 86 yesterday in Yuma. Jamie could stay here quite a bit longer, but I’ve got the itch for mango and guyaba and beaches on the Pacific and want to get rolling. We’ll probably head over the border tomorrow to pick up papers (vehicle permit and tourist cards) and head towards Nogales on Monday. We’ve got mail waiting for us along the way and will then make a run for Mazatlan. I think it will be easier for the kids to travel if they know that a week at the beach is waiting for them, so the current plan is to cross the border, take 3 days to get to Mazatlan, spend a week there (at Maravillas again) and then head south more slowly to Melaque and Ztown. Eventually I want to spend a good month at Oaxaca, but we might save it for May, as Oaxaca is in the highlands and May, from experience, is the hottest month in Mexico.

Pictures to come; server errors and I’ve become so dependent on the Flickr plugin that I don’t want to do it any other way.

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