Sunday, February 26, 2006

yoga on the beach

I have had two absolutely lovely practices the past two days. Settle in folks, or click on past, it is a Yoga post today. I think I might have finally figured out my back problem; I’ve had so many theories but I’m really focusing on keeping my back flat as a board and not going deep in poses and I think that is helping. I’ve been able to practice two days in a row without complaint, so something is going right. I’m in FULL 1/2 lotus on one side and this morning, I wasn’t sure which was my “bad” side! Both legs are getting somewhat even in 1/2 lotus and I’m really pleased with that. I’ve found my groove; I have been trying to fit Yoga in first thing; before coffee, before eating, but that isn’t working. I need to work a bit first and get antsy, have coffee; put in a couple hours working and then I’m ready. Maybe that is what is making the difference with the back. I’m still only going to MariB but I’m very comfortable with that is as far as I want to go. I’m very challenged by each and every pose. I have a lovely practice area; just in front of the beach, under a coconut tree, with waves before me, wind to cool me, tree to shade me and sun to warm me. The kids occupy themselves with something and I am free, left to involve myself in practice.

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