Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Musical beds

For the past few nights, Jesse has been either sleeping on the dinette or in Jamie’s bed (the sofabed). Sissy has been transitioning out of Jamie’s bed and onto the dinette, so that has been working well. Tonight, after a day of certain rebounding, both Jamie and I assumed Jesse would sleep in his own bed. We had hoped to sleep in my bed along with Ellen, Sissy on the dinette and the boys in their room. That would allow me to get up early in the morning and put in a few hours before the family woke. A perfect plan, we thought.

Pike has been lonely for his brother during the day which seems to make the night worse. Last night he was on the verge of sleeping with me and Ellen, but Ellen took over the bed and he decided to stay in his room. So, we started the night negotiations (not even realizing that we were negotiating; we thought it would be so simple; everyone to his/her bed) but found Jesse really didn’t want to return to his bed. He still wanted to sleep in the dining area; either in Jamie’s bed or on the dinette; he wanted to be with people. (his brother isn’t a people?) So, we negotiated Sissy sleeping in his bed. After several hours of high level mediation, we came out with a plan. Sissy would sleep in his bed; Jesse on the dinette. Now Pike put in his bed for company at night; he wanted to sleep with Ellen and I. After a bit, we figured that out. Jamie then noticed Sissy all alone, crying in the boys room; she was going to be all alone now that Pike was going to sleep with me. Back to the negotiating table. Jamie would sleep in Pike’s bed; Sissy in Jesse’s; Jesse in the dinette and Pike in my bed. ARGH! Now Jesse was ALONE in the dining room area (do these kids know we’re only living in 300 sqft and you can’t reach the toliet tissue roll without opening the bathroom door???). That certainly would not do. Ok, Pike decided he’d LOVE to spread out in the sofabed instead of sardining into my and Ellen’s bed. So, tonight, we have Jamie in Pike’s bed; Sissy in Jesse’s; Jesse on the dinette and Pike on the sofabed. Ellen and I, trouble-free, stay where we always do.

Of course, all this means that my plans to have a space to work early tomorrow are for naught. Maybe tomorrow night.

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