Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Gila Bend, Arizona

We are all very very CLEAN! We are using water to wash in, to shower, to bathe, to do dishes, we are loving unlimited water! After a week of boon-docking in the desert there is nothing like unlimited water to brighten your day. I didn’t even want to change clothes this morning; I felt full of grit and dirt. The wind has been blowing hard the past couple days and dirt and dust is everywhere and in everything. So unlimited hot water is simply glorious. We are planning on only spending the night here (we’re at a Shell station just outside of “town”) but you never know with us. The kids found two large piles or dirt and sand and think they’ve found heaven.

We loved camping in the desert; the lovely sunsets, the bird life due to the Colorado nearby, the incredibly starry nights, watching the moon again; it started new when we got there and is now 1/2 full and the lack of rain. Oh, we were SO SICK of rain by the time we left the Bay Area. We are quite dried out now and everyone is recovering from really chapped lips. We popped (if you can call 3-4 hours popping) over the border on Sunday to get our vehicle permit and tourist cards, then stopped for tacos and paletas afterward. The kids LOVED the paletas as I expected; two got guyaba, one got pina and one watermellon. It has just been getting warmer and warmer and by the time we left the kids were playing vampire; staying in the cool of the trailer until the late afternoon when they’d emerge; chase the sun down and play in the twilight. Tomorrow we head for Red Rock to pick up mail and eventually Nogales to cross the border.

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