Friday, April 14, 2006


The first part should have been “morning in the life” as this is now “afternoon in the life”. So, I dumped black and grey and had a little incident with the black. Either the valve broke (the valve inside the tank allowing or disallowing the contents to escape) or the handle became unscrewed from the valve, but after dumping (thankfully not before) the valve no longer opens or closes. I think it is stuck closed (again, a good thing). So, I emailed Ameri-Camp and duct-taped the toliet lid closed. Luckilly (again) we have bathrooms here to use.

Shepherded the kids to the car to get groceries. For some reason, the boys, in this incredible heat, have decided to wear long pants and long sleeved shirts. They are DYING of the heat but I think they’ve left all their shorts outside in the dirt. Poor babies. We’re staying in the very north of Mazatlan and are at the very edge of new development. This is some of the very last open beach you’ll find. Lots of construction going on though. The road we travel to town is a rare gem; double laned and spacious. Our first stop was the water place where they wash my rafones, fill them, and bring them to the car for me. 7 pesos/20 litres. Then off we head to the grocery store. There is a LOT of traffic today and most all businesses are closed. Gigante is open, however and the water place will close at 3pm and stay closed for the next three days.

Gigante has it’s own panaderia, carniceria and deli section. As with any panaderia, you get your tray (they are ALWAYS round) and your pincers (what are those grabby things called?) and you gets your stuff, wait in line to have it rung up, and then take it to the cashier to pay. For an extra-special treat, I get the kids pan dulce and pizza slices. The pizza slices are 12 pesos each, so this is the first time I’ve done that. The pan dulce ranges from 1.70 pesos for the “miniature” ones (about 2/3 size of normal ones) to 4 pesos. I get Ellen a 3 peso “Sponge Bob” donut and the boys buy their own.

The lines were ENORMOUS. The store was The Most Crowded we’ve ever seen it; normally we are almost alone in the store. I was so tired and DONE with shopping that we skipped the mercado municipal and everything else and came home. Passed by the baseball field where two games were going on; I’ve never seen games on any day other than a weekend. Through the gate (this one was taken on the way out) and back home. Now I need to clean up, do dishes, make myself something to eat (the kids had pizza but I’m allergic to cheese), try to figure out how to squeeze in Yoga, 2 hours of work and beach time.  More pictures on Flickr

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