Wednesday, April 12, 2006

freakishly hot

I usually get up between 5:30 and 6am. It has taken about a week to get used to this; I’ve never been an early bird, but being out of bed before the sun even rises is really pushing the envelope for me. As long as I’m in bed by 10pm, it is starting to work out and I am not the daily walking dead by 3pm. I detangle myself from Ellen and try my damnedest not to wake her (though the past 2 days have not been successful in this goal) and wake the computer. I will try to work for 2 hours before the kids wake, but sometimes the last hour is spent in bed with Ellen telling her to go back to sleep. The boys are rarely out of bed before 9am, so Ellen and I spend an hour reading books or eating breakfast (and this is when the coffee is brewed) or sometimes she entertains herself and I work more. Once the boys are up, it is breakfast and more, cleaning and straightening and then back to work for me while I multi-task; playing Go Fish with Ellen and working on the computer. The radio is tuned to either NPR (the boys know the intro to “Guy Noir, Private Eye” on PHC and will chime in with the announcer at “This is N P R, National Public Radio”, or Jazz. Sirius has about 10,000 Jazz stations and we’re working our way through them. By 1pm I’m getting the kids channeled towards getting ready for the beach, and somewhere between 2 and 3pm we’re there. We usually are there for sunset and then back to the trailer for dinner. It is a nice routine.

Tonight it is hot and humid enough to warrant the AC so everyone will be able to sleep. Luckilly, most everyone has left the campground (there are 2 other RV’s here) so we have the juice to do so. I took the kids for a rare treat today; the pulmonas (open air taxis) that they are constantly begging me to take them on. We took a truck on the way there and the pulmona pictured above to come home. The kids spent much of the day today playing with a Mazatlan family; 3 kids right around their age range who spoke not one word of English. I sure would like more days like this; we’re here to soak up the culture and language, but sequestered in the RV park, opportunities are hard to come by. Ellen and their 6yo boy hit it off; he would speak Spanish and she English and somehow they understood each other.

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