Friday, April 14, 2006

Day in the Life

I thought some people might find a day in the life interesting. I only thought about this after Ellen woke, so you missed me getting up at 6am (first time I wasn’t roached when I did it), stumbling around, making enough noise to wake the dead (and Ellen, some 15 minutes later), bathroom, futz with one contact lens and wonder if I simply shouldn’t throw it out and go with the disposables I got in the US, tell Ellen 1754 times to go back to sleep, get in bed with her at 7am finally so she will go back to sleep and work on the computer the entire time. Wonder WHY the signal strength is “Very Low” on the Wifi adapter, when the router is only some 10feet (or less; the whole trailer is only 30ft long) away and WHY, when I’m Right Smack Dab Next to the damn thing it is only “Low”. Stop working at 8:15 and get Ellen Coconut Lala yogurt (Lala yogurt is hands down, The Best Eatin Yogurt In The Free World). The 0% grasa (fat free) version is as creamy and rich as the whole fat version. I don’t understand it, but I’m LOVING it. Get garlic together for after breakfast treat. Ellen and I have been plagued with tummy trouble, so before a doctor run, we’ll do a week of raw garlic and see if that helps. Long ago, I ran out of pure maple syrup (that we brought from the US) so I got Miel de Zanahoria (carrot honey) at the local super. I put her garlic in the Miel and she swallows it along with water. The kids LOVE the miel de zanahoria but the local Mexican kids I’ve let try it hate it. They are used to much sweeter stuff, but my poor deprived kids think this stuff is quite the sinful treat.

On tap for today; a trip to the super, another 3 hours of work, beach, dumping black and grey (oh, the fun we’ll have today!) and cleaning fan and A/C filters. We’ve been running the A/C a lot so it is time to clean the filters. I need to go to the mercado municipal for fresh chicken (instead of the crap Bachoco you get at the super) and fresh manteca (lard) instead of the chemical laden and not-fresh stuff you get at the super. I also need to go to another super for cheaper pasta sauce (30 pesos less a can) and good granola. Oh damn. I also need to get Yoga in somewhere.  I’ve only been able to practice that one time (and was sore as hell afterwards so I know I’m way out of practice)…

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