Friday, April 14, 2006


When we got back from shopping, the boys were helpful enough to unload the car and as it was so hot, I tried to move a limp, damp, sleeping Ellen to the trailer. I considered putting on the A/C but figured I just wake her closing all the windows. It was moot point as she awoke almost as soon as I lay her in the bed. It was terribly hot in the trailer and I don’t know why I didn’t run the A/C. There was a nice breeze off the ocean, and I guess I kept thinking it will come in the trailer. At any rate, after trying to keep Ellen happy with Go Fish ad nauseum, I threw in the towel and we headed for the beach. For once the boys weren’t interested so we enjoyed the waves on our own. Ellen is getting very used to wave jumping and it doesn’t faze her at all when an unexpected wave hammers her in the face. She is wanting to go further and further out. We headed back quickly to instruct the boys in making rice, then back out again to enjoy sunset and waves.

Dinner was stinky chicken, brown rice, salad and broccoli. Pike, somewhat addicted to Runescape, offered to do my chores so I could put in a last hour of work, leaving the computer free for he and his brother once I finished. After he finished my chores, he entertained Ellen with, what else, Go FISH. We are probably going to play monopoly again tonight or I’ll read to Ellen while the boys play Chess. NO! Runscape.

So, was it as boring as it seemed?  Now you know why it seems to me that there is never anything to post.  Nothing happens.  Course, it is a huge holiday weekend, the beaches are bursting with festejando Mexican families and as Ellen and I left the beach we found a truck unloading enormous speakers along our beach.  Looks like a Very Loud Party on the schedule for tonight.

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