Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Not much about nothing

The database satellite internet link I’m working on is loading so incredibly slowly, so glacially, with such power to put me to sleep, that two cups of coffee gone, and after exhausting absolutely EVERYTHING I can think to do on the Internet (but isn’t it always the case that when you shutdown you remember something you quite simply HAD to do?) I’m finally forced to admit that there is one thing I can do; update the journal.

So, I’m here under protest. You’ve been warned.

Yesterday I took the kids to the local water park. It is so incredibly local that we can walk to it. They have been wanting to go forever; when Jamie and Sissy still lived with us (do you think they will ever return?) we visited once and they’ve been salivating at the thought ever since. I promised that if I could get 5 hours of work done in the morning that we’d go after Semana Santa (it was too crowded for these spoiled kids) we’d go. They are going to have a very warped view of the world. They experienced Disenewand without any lines and now have the luxury to visit water parks when they are at very low attendance. There were two bus loads of vacationers from the state of Jalisco yesterday so the kids were able to play with other kids. The boys had such a blast it was lovely to be able to spend the funds ($48 for all of us) but Ellen was too scared of almost all slides (save one) to get her money’s worth. She still had a lovely time though; I’m the one stuck on value.

I’ve found, however, that even with more opportunities to play with local kids, they just aren’t comfortable with the language gap. It has taken me long enough, but I think I simply need to speak more Spanish during the day to them. It will be good for me, too, me thinks.

So, they all had a blast at the waterpark, but even with re-applying bloqueador, Pike (not as much) and Jesse (much moreso) got burnt on their faces. Ellen and I wore hats all day and I think that made the difference. So, Bad Mommy points banked and everyone will stay out of the sun today.

Gawds, there quite simply is NOTHING to write about. This afternoon I hope to get most everything ready to roll; tomorrow we’ll head down to Teacapan for a week or so. Our month of rent is up here and I’m itching for a smaller town and new sights.

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