Thursday, April 6, 2006

the mind of Ellen

So we’re making sand castles or forts as we do daily, and Ellen, feeling not so hot, remarks that they probably won’t last 100,000 years. “No”, I agree, “they won’t”. “How about our family?” “No, we won’t last 100,000 years either.” “Even this city?” “Well, probably not.” “Not even this world, or this universe?” “Hmm…not sure; maybe not.” “Not even CANADA???”

Apparently, Canada ranks pretty high with this 4 year old.

The other day she asked me who would die first. Papa, Tata, her or our family. Golly, what a hard question. She really wanted an answer too; she wouldn’t be swayed with what I’d like or anything. Sorry, Mom. I went with age. 

I’ll try to post more frequently, even if it is nothing, but regularly update Flickr even when I don’t post.

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