Wednesday, January 26, 2005

border crossing

The night brought rain and morning was misty.  Off we headed to Tecate and wouldn’t you know it, our border luck held and I once again, backed out of a lane.  We were following the signs through Tecate for San Diego and 94, but ended up at a truck cargo lane for the border (truck as in semi-truck) and had to back up out of the lane (and ask the truck coming up behind us to stop and back a little), head back down into town and blunder into the line snaking about.  There was absolutely NO notice, but we spoke to people in line, found out that we should go around a block to the end of the line (not with our trailer; we’d never make it), so I just waited til the line had advanced to our position and merged into it.  US Customs took a couple oranges and we were soon at the campground.  We’re nestled in the hills east of San Diego (by 43 miles!!).  We picked this campground because the book said it was 25 miles east of San Diego.  We thought it would be pretty (it IS!) but it is really far; especially when you’re going 35 and 40 on the windy areas.

I never knew San Diego was so mountainous and green.  I’d envisioned a flat area from San  Diego to El Centro, and even expected that Tecate would be a flat crossing.  it has been one lush, boulder strewn green mountains after another.  I can’t wait to get AAA maps so we know  what we’re traveling through.  Jamie wants to stay 4 days, salivating at the thought of the incredible bike rides that await him.  We hit Trader Joes, Costco and Target today and are happy with our progress through our errands.  Tomorrow to the post office and library (to get online).

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