Friday, January 28, 2005

Too rainy for our blood

The sun the sun the sun the SUN!!! It FOUND us!!!!  We’re back to turtlenecks and jeans (instead of shorts and short-sleeved shirts) but windows and doors are open.  Kids are bike riding and I’m (what else??) cleaning up.  Jamie will head off for a bike ride and I’ll take the kids to the library and then we’ll head into El Cajon for the LAST of our errands (Trek store and thriftstore).

The thriftstore is closed; I can’t update this site from the library and the propane here is insanely overpriced.  So, we’re sitting at a Union 76 waiting for everyone to pee, and I’M POSTING ON THE INTERNET for FREE!!!  Super fast uploads and free access (WiFi)!  This technology is amazing!  Much faster than Dad’s satelite - I’m so impressed!

We head back to Mexico tomorrow; it is beautiful in the valley we’re camped in, but it is SO cold, overcast and rainy.  Raining right now.  I shouldn’t complain, especially since everyone else is battling snow, but I’m used to the warmth of Mexico now.

Packages should be arriving for Aunty Chris, Drew and Sara, The Link and Bonny.  Think that’s it, but I’m not sure.  Hope to see Shanti, Jo and Phil, Sarah (Alexander) and Adria (and Leo?) here (website) soon.  Love to all!

Ok, now I’m posting from the parking lot of Trek (bike store).  Free and fast.  Still can’t send email though…

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